2023 - Contract Work

On-Demand Work for Dental Professionals

Kwikly provides dental offices with vetted dental providers and gives dental providers the opportunity to take control of their careers. I’ve worked closely with the founding team on multiple projects (for both offices & providers) to help in their pursuit of being the best on-demand work platform in the dental industry.

Project Type:

Product - Mobile App


Lead Product Designer

Kwikly is an on-demand work platform for the dental industry. For this project I worked closely with the founding team. Our goal was to re-design the core product. We simplified existing flows and added net new functionality while creating a fresh foundation for scalability.

As Kwikly continues to expand across the US we knew this was the right time to establish the foundations of a design system. This foundation would allow us to automate some design decisions down the road and ensure consistency for a growing team.

Top to Bottom Refresh

During this collaboration we reviewed everything from the provider application process to submitting time cards and everything in-between and the work is still going. With digital products there is always iteration and new functionality. What you see here is just an overview of the core functionality.

Claim Shifts that Work for your Schedule

The primary goal of Kwikly is to provide more dynamic staffing options for offices and providers. Providers set their own availability and claim shifts that work for their schedule. To accomplish this dynamic marketplace we continue to give providers more tools to ensure both sides are getting the best outcomes possible.

Change Requests

Providers can negotiate different rates and request alternate shifts times. Providers get insights into the demand for these roles by seeing a cap on the rates they can request based on pay rates in their area.

Claim Multiple Shifts

Even if you love on demand work, everyone likes some consistency. With Kwikly, you can claim multiple shifts with one office at the same time. Allow a provider to be at the same office multiple times in a week.

Favorite Offices

When a provider has a great experience at an office they can mark that office as one of their favorites and be notified when shifts at these offices are available.

Reviews from Kwikly Dental Providers

No More Paper Timecards

The provider app is completely self service giving dental professionals an organized place to manage all their work. Kwikly has "Day of Work" tools, so in addition to managing their availability, providers can manage their timecards and message with the office for any last minute details or changes,

In App Timecards

Kwikly is completely self service for providers. All of their time tracking can be done in the app, removing any need for an additional tool.

Office Messaging

The messaging feature centralizes communication between offices and providers allowing them to easily coordinate day to day changes.

The Launch & Whats next

Since the launch of the new mobile app we have continued to iterate and bring additional functionality to Kwikly users and Kwikly users are very happy. Up next, solidify the the new design system and leverage the new design patterns to build a mobile app for the offices who use Kwikly.

Offices Mobile App

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Kwikly Design System

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Dashboard mockup